Learn About Home Smartify

How does Home Smartify work?

Initially, and during our soft launch phase, our smart home assessment will be a house visit. We deeply value and appreciate our early adopters. Over time, our assessments will be completed online through our website. Our services will allow any individual to be graded on how smart, secure and green their residential property is (with the latter two assessments launching soon). Once you have taken one of our assessments then we provide immediate, free recommendations on how the applicant can improve that score based on our advanced algorithms. As part of their assessment, the applicant will confirm what technology they have in their home and answer various other questions about it. We have graded over 20,000 UK-based products, which will contribute towards the applicant’s final score.

So whether you’re a tenant looking to rent, a property owner looking to sell, or just somebody wanting to improve their home, our free service can be used by anybody.

We believe Home Smartify can become a central aid to the current revolution homes are going through as a result of the surge in new smart technology, i.e. products connected via the ”Internet of Things”. Starting with the Amazon Echo, and expanding to smarter fridges, ovens, lighting and security devices, within a decade, homes as we know them will be transformed into something out of The Jetsons.

Our website will strive to provide:

  • Greater transparency – so buyers and tenants know what exactly they’re moving into.
  • Energy Efficient – we help guide you on how to create a more energy efficient home.
  • Cost saving – as a result of the energy efficiency of the new devices, your home will become cheaper to run.
  • An improved home life – make your life safer, easier to run and more comfortable.
  • Education – we provide free hand-out guides and recommendations on how you can improve the quality of your home.

What is the Smart Assessment?

The Smart Assessment grades how smart your home is and gives you a score out of 100. By ‘smart’ we mean how intelligent the technology is in your property. We ask you a number of questions and give you a score at the end. If you lived in a cave with no electricity your score would be zero. A home with the latest smart home technology would grade much closer to 100%. Given how new the smart home revolution is, it’s unlikely that many applicants will score that highly.

What is the Green Assessment?

The Green Assessment asks you a number of questions about how green and energy efficient your home is. The higher the score out of 100 you get, the more green and energy conscious you are.

What is the Security Assessment?

In this assessment, we ask you to answer questions about how secure your home’s online and physical security is. You are then given a score out of 100. The higher your score, the more secure your home and online details are.

How Do I?

Increase the value of my home?

By taking at least one of our various Assessments. By doing this and getting a score out of 100, you’ll provide greater clarity as to the current state of your home. Once you’ve taken our Assessments, you can provide a clearer picture on how secure, smart and / or green your home is.

Make my home more rentable?

You know your home has the latest smart fridge, or state of the art security system, but any prospective tenant wouldn’t know that. By showing future tenants just how attractive your property is. In order to do this you can take our Assessments and, if need be, follow our Recommendations on how to improve your home. The higher the Assessment Score/s you get, the higher the rent you can charge for it.

Make my home smarter?

By taking our Smart Assessment. This will tell you just how smart the technology is in your home. If you get a low score, don’t worry! With all the new technology on the market for the home, few people have a very high score. However, with our Recommendation tools you can see just how you can improve your home – even if you’re on a tight budget.

Make my home greener?

By taking our Green Assessment and following our Recommendations tool to see how you can improve your score.

Make my home more energy efficient?

By taking our Green Assessment and following our Recommendations tool to see how you can make your property more energy efficient.

Make my home more secure?

Our Security Assessment will grade you on how secure your physical and online security is. Depending on what your final grade is, we will provide recommendations on how you can improve that.

Managing your Account

How do I access my Account?

Please click on the following link to access the log-in page: Login

How do I activate my Account?

Once you set up a new account you will be sent a link to your chosen email where you will be asked to click on a link to activate it.

I’ve forgotten my Username - what can I do?

Please click on the following link to reset your Username: Username

I’ve forgotten my Password - what can I do?

Please click on the following link to reset your Password: Forgot Password

How long do my Assessment results and Recommendations remain on my account?

We will keep your details for [ ] years. For further information on this, please view our Data Protection Policy.

Taking an Assessment

Which Assessment is for me?

We believe there are potentially numerous reasons why you’ll take at least one of our assessments:

  • You’re looking to sell your property.
  • You’re looking to rent out your property.
  • You’re looking to apply for Home Insurance.
  • You’re looking to apply for a Green Mortgage.
  • You’re a parent or guardian of a baby or young child.
  • You’re simply intrigued to see how smart, secure or green a residential property is.

Can I take more than one Assessment?

Yes, you can take as many assessments as you like. Our services are free and always will be. You may have registered just to take see how smart, secure or green your property is; but you’re welcome to take the other assessments too. Even if you just visited to see how green your home is, there’s no harm in seeing what state your property is in other categories.

Does the Assessment/s cost any money?

No, they are completely free of charge.

How long will it take to do an Assessment?

We estimate it should take between 10-20 minutes to do each assessment, depending on how well you know the technology in your home. If you don’t know the answer to any question simply move on. You won’t be downgraded by answering ‘I Don’t Know’.

Do I have to do an Assessment in one sitting?

No, you can log-in and -out of your account as often as you like.

Will an Assessment increase the value of my property?

We believe it will, although it’s hard to calculate exactly by how much your property will go up in value. Recent studies have shown that providing greater clarity over a property’s details can result in an increase in property value.

I don’t understand a question - what do I do?

You have the option on every question to select the answer marked ‘I Don’t Know’. However, if the question is about which branded device you have, and you’re unsure, you have the option of clicking which Features that device has. Your score won’t be impacted.

I have a branded device that’s not listed - what do I do?

We provide a box where you can enter the name of that device.

How soon after I’ve taken an Assessment can I take another one?

You can take an Assessment immediately after the last one. Before you submit an Assessment you are also able to go back and edit any answer you’ve given.

How is my Assessment score calculated?

The Home Smartify experts have devised an advanced algorithm to calculate the score. We have weighted each answer you give, so for example, if you have an integral device like a Fridge then that will be weighted more heavily than if you have a Wine Decanter. We’ve also graded thousands of household devices, to further help achieve as accurate a score as possible.

Can I print-off or email my Assessment results?

Yes, you have the option to do either. On the same page as your Assessment score, you will be given various options for what you can do with the Assessment result.

How can I improve my Assessment score?

Your Assessment score is not permanent. You’re able to re-take any Assessment, although note that it’s only worth re-doing an Assessment if you have added new technology to your home and / or taken steps to improve how green, smart or secure it is. You cannot simply change your answers to improve your score, if those answers are inaccurate.

Using our Recommendations

What do I do with our Recommendations?

If you don’t wish to, you don’t have to do anything! However, our Recommendations are tailored towards your own individual needs, so if you’ve scored poorly on the Smart Assessment, our Recommendations are designed to help you improve that score.

Do I need to pay money for the Recommendations?

No, the Recommendations are free and will be stored on your Account so you can access them whenever you like.

Certain recommendations, where we have an affiliation with a product, service, or Ecommerce provider, can result in earnings for us; however, we never change our recommendations base on any affiliation.  As such we acknowledge the following affiliations:

  • As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.  This affiliation does not increase your cost for Amazon purchases.

How are the Recommendations calculated?

We weight your answers, so that if you score poorly in certain areas, we will recommend the best graded devices for your own individual needs.

Other FAQS

I’m not in the USA or UK. Can I still take an Assessment?

Yes you can; however, our recommendations are currently focused on products/services available in the UK and USA.  We will be expanding our services to a number of countries across the globe soon, so watch this space. If you are interested in finding out more about this, please email our PR team on info@homesmartify.co

Will you add new technology when it’s released?

Yes, we will constantly update our grading system, so new technology will always be accounted for.

My computer keeps freezing when I take an Assessment - what do I do?

Your Assessment is saved automatically, so if you reset your computer and log-in to your account again, it should pick up where you left.

I don’t have time to finish my Assessment - can I save it and return to it?

Yes, you can. Your Assessment saves automatically, so you can return to it whenever you like.

I didn’t get a score at the end of my Assessment - how do I get one?

There may be a glitch in the system [ ].

Contact Us

If we’ve not answered your question then please feel free to drop us an email at info@homesmartify.co, we always welcome feedback. We value our early adopters.