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A Modern Approach to Valuing Your Home

The current approach to valuing residential properties is out-dated. Professional appraisers will inspect your property and, ultimately, compare its value to what the neighbors sold theirs for. This method fails to adequately take into account the smart home revolution we referenced in our first blog. If you have invested in technology, shouldn’t you benefit from that increased property value? If you’re a landlord if you have a more secure, smarter, or energy-efficient property, why shouldn’t you charge a higher rent?

Home Smartify’s free on-line service enables anyone to assess how smart, secure, and green their residential property is and, taking advantage of our immediate algorithmic recommendations, improve it and its affect on their lives.  As part of an assessment, an applicant describes their home, its technology, and its usage; then our system, leveraging 20,000+ products we have graded, can determine and provide ways to increase their overall score.

So, whether you are a landlord looking to rent, a property owner looking to sell, or just somebody wanting to improve their home and its impact on their life, our free service can help.

We intend for Home Smartify to become the international, independent trusted source for guiding users through the complexity and variability of the home technological revolution.  This complexity, in part, stems from homes becoming a set of interrelated systems, e.g. exemplifying the “Internet of Things”. The explosive proliferation of intelligent and networked devices, e.g. smart refrigerators, ovens, lighting, doorbells, etc. are transforming homes as we know them.

Our service will strive to provide:

  • An improved home life – Make your life safer, easier to run, and more comfortable.
  • Increase the value of your home – The higher your Home Smartify score, the more valuable your property could be.
  • Education – We provide free guides and recommendations on how you can improve the quality of your home.
  • Greater transparency – So buyers, tenants, and guests know what exactly they’re moving into.
  • Energy efficiency – We help guide you on how to create a more energy-efficient home.
  • Cost-saving – As a result of the energy efficiency improvements, your home will become cheaper to run.
  • Clarity – We are helping you sort through the myriad alternatives, research sources, and the sheer amount of information on the home, to help simplify your decision-making.

Sample people to use Home Smartify
Meet Pippa, a 25-year-old, single Lawyer, who lives alone in London in her recently purchased first flat.

Pippa is incredibly proud of her flat, and the fact it took her three years to save up a deposit. She spends her lunchtime at work perusing the web for beautiful furniture and other ways of upgrading her apartment.

She is tech-savvy and an early adopter of new technology. She recently bought the latest Amazon Echo, which she uses to control some of the other technology in her home.

Pippa understands the benefits of connected homes, but as a savvy, price-conscious consumer any purchase she makes is based on the best financial value, followed by recommendations from friends and influencers.

The area of London she has moved into has a high crime rate, and as a young single woman living on her own, she is wary, so she wants to focus on making sure her property is secure, as well as high tech.

Why would Pippa use Home Smartify?

  • Our assessments would tell Pippa how safe, smart, and green her new property is.
  • From our recommendations, she can acquire the security and best smart home technology she craves.
  • She could fit in each 20-minute assessment during her lunchtime break and on the commute home.

Meet Peter and Sue, traditionalists whose home has the 1950s feel when it comes to technology. They are looking to retire in a year and want to rent out their property for six months while they go traveling. 

In order to be able to charge a level of rent that could finance their trip, they want to make sure the home is more modern. Today’s tenants demand that a rental property comes with things like Wi-Fi, an HD television, a decent refrigerator, and good security.

The couple has heard of a few home devices, such as the Ring Doorbell and the Samsung smart television, but they have only got a limited budget and want to make smart purchases. Peter, hard to convince of the benefits of smart technology, is mainly attracted to price-conscious propositions that could save him money.

How could we help Peter and Sue?

  • Our Smart Assessment would be able to tell the couple just how good the technology in their home currently is.
  • With their Home Smartify grade, we could then recommend products like the Hive Smart Thermostat which would save money.
  • With those purchases, they could enjoy a modern and smarter home and justify charging a higher rent.

Meet Dave, a recently divorced father with two children who is looking for convenience and support to help him run his young household.

Dave is attracted to any technology that will make life easier for him. He is a subscriber to Wired magazine and wants to experiment with new products while remaining price-conscious.

As well as price, Dave is focussed on finding products that help him become more time-efficient, whether that’s cooking, cleaning, or bath-time for his kids.

How could Home Smartify help Dave?

  • We could recommend certain products for him, particularly in the kitchen, which will make life easier for him. A smarter oven, microwave, and refrigerator will make cooking easier, quicker, and more enjoyable.
  • Given the high costs of running a young family, Dave could allocate a budget for new technology. Our recommendation tool will advise on the best products to buy with that money.

In our next blog and the third in our series, we will go through how you use Home Smartify to grade your property.